Carpet Scissors

  1. Carpet Scissors

UNIQUELY ANGLED BLADES make cutting carpet and other sheet materials easier than with regular scissors.
HEAVY DUTY(3.5mmthick) STAINLESS STEEL BLADES are both rust resistant and tough enough to cut through carpet,wallpaper,rubber sheet,&leather with ease.
HANDLES WITH STRONG SPRING MECHANISM forces flrm focused grip making each cut stronger and more efflcient.Spring-back motion minimizes fatigue to your hands.

品番 NAW-205B-1
商品名 Carpet Scissors
JANコード 4962069085458
サイズ body size (length × width × height): 205 mm × 20 mm × 54 mm
package size (width × depth × height): 255 mm × 20 mm × 100 mm
Total Length : 205mm
Blade Length : 50mm
Weight: 130 g
材質 Blade: Stainless steel Blade
Handle: ABS Plastic Handle